Chow chows are delightful dogs to have. But, are they perfect for you?

Do they have any shortcomings? How are you going to find out if they are right for you?

Here is a list of the pros and cons of this breed that you should know. It will help you decide whether or not you should get this dog.

Pros and Cons of chow chow dogs

Pros and Cons of chow chow dogs

There are so many reasons for considering chow chows to be the right fit for you. Here are some of the pros and cons of this dog breed that you should know about.


  1. They are very loyal to their owners.

It has been seen that chow chows are attached to their owners, particularly to one individual. Their loyalty is intact towards their owner and it can be seen in all variants of this breed.

  1. They are protective towards their family

Their protective nature makes them one of the best guard dogs to have. They can do anything to keep their house and family members protected.

  1. They have an adorable teddy bear like appearance

If you want to have a dog that looks as cute as a teddy bear, this is the right one for you. Its overcoat is soft and fluffy, making it perfect for cuddles.

  1. They can get along well with cats

If you have cats in the house and want your dog to get along with them, this is the perfect dog to bring to your house.


  1. They can be fiercely territorial and unfriendly.

There are few dogs that are as territorial as the chow chow. If you want a dog that is friendly to neighbors and guests, chow chow is not the right choice. This is one of the reasons why chow chows are banned in certain places.

  1. They are not willing to socialize with others.

Chow chows like to be left alone. They are not good at socializing. If you want a dog that is good with everyone, look for other breeds.

  1. They require extensive grooming.

If you do not like the idea of grooming your dog too much, this breed is not for you. Chow chows require grooming all the time.

  1. They are no so good for inexperienced owners

If you are a first-time dog owner, try and get some other dogs instead of a chow. They will be difficult to handle for someone who has no experience with dogs.

Now that you know the overview of what you gain and what you lose from having chow chows in your life, let us understand who this dog is for and who it is not for.

Who is it for?

The chow chow is ideal for people who – 

  • Want a medium-sized dog that looks like a bear
  • Want a dog that has a calm and composed stature
  • Want a dog that is quiet and mannerly
  • Want a dog that doesn’t require much exercise
  • Want an intimidating watchdog
  • Want a dog that keeps itself clean

Who is it not for?

This breed is not suitable for people who – 

  • Can’t deal with complicated temperament of a dog.
  • Can’t tolerate antisocial behavior of a dog
  • Can’t tolerate the aggressive nature of a dog
  • Do not want a dog that sheds heavily
  • Do not want a dog that has a lot of health problems

Looks can be deceiving

chow chow ban

There are many people who have brought themselves a chow chow just because they are cute. As puppies, they are extremely adorable to look at. However, you have to understand that their cute looks are a deception.

A few more things to not like about this dog…

There are a lot of things that are not so good in this breed. Here are some of them.

  • They are not good with kids. If you have children in the house, having a chow chow is not the best idea. While there are various ways to train your dog, you have to make sure that the training actually works. 
  • They can be dangerous for guests. Their natural aggressive instinct makes them go to the extent of attacking house guests and visitors.
  • They shed a lot. If you do not like dogs who shed, you are going to hate this dog. It shed excessively and you can’t do anything about it.

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