There are people who love cats and there are people who are crazy about dogs and then there are people who want to have cats as well as dogs. If you are a chow chow owner and want to get a cat or a cat owner and want to get a chow chow, this article will clear your doubt of whether chow chows are good with cats and whether having them in the house together will make your life difficult.

When it comes to keeping a dog and a cat together, you have to select the appropriate breed. Cats and dogs can certainly become the best of friends but only when you get the right dog breed. Chow chows are cat-like dogs. They are reserved and like to remain alone. Sharing their space with cats is not a problem for them. 

Please bear in mind that chow chows can be good with other pets only when they are trained well enough. They can be stubborn and adamant if not properly socialized from a young age. 

Poorly trained dogs can become aggressive towards other animals. They have a prey drive, that if not checked in time, can make them dangerous. 

How to introduce your chow chow to a cat?

Chow chows can be aggressive towards other pets unless you train them the right way. If you are planning to introduce a cat into its life, you have to ensure that the dog has no hunting instinct in it. If your dog has the drive to hunt small animals such as squirrels and raccoons, there is a high chance that it will not have any consideration for the cat.

How to introduce your cat to your chow chow?

The ideal way to introduce these animals to each other is to have them separated through some sort of a gate or door. Do not keep them in the same room for a couple of days. Give them enough time to familiarize themselves with each other. When introducing them face to face, be alert and give your attention to both the animals. Observe how they respond to each other’s actions and slowly let them get closer.

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