Chow Chow is a type of dog that is believed to have originated in northern China. These dogs are known for their adaptable nature and fierce loyalty towards their owners. In terms of appearance, this dog has one of the most varied coat color types among all breeds of dog.

Chow Chow dogs have two types of coat, both of which have a layer of undercoat. The longer coat is rougher and gives the dog a bear-like appearance while the shorter coat is smoother in structure. Although both coat types come in different shades, all countries do not accept the various colors of Chow Chow. Solid colors are widely accepted, whereas multicolored dogs or the ones with patches are considered outside the standard of the breed. 

Most popular colors of the Chow Chow breed

  • Red- The red coat type can vary from deep mahogany to light golden. In most dogs, the gum is entirely black. The tongue has a dark blue shade, the lips are black, the eyes are dark brown, and the palate is dark. Red-colored Chow Chow puppies may have a faded coat color, a black tip of the tail, and a dark muzzle.
  • Black This is a solid black coat type that comes with shading near the breeches and the tail. These dogs may have a reddish hue due to being exposed to the sun. Their eyes are dark brown while their nose and lips are black. The tongue is dark blue while the gums are blue-black in color. The coat of a black colored puppy differs from that of an adult due to physical differences in hair properties.
  • Blue Some Chow Chows may have a solid blue color with a dark grey nose and a dark blue tongue. The gums and lips are blue-grey in color. Their bodies may have reddish hues due to coat cycles and from exposure to the sun.
  • Cream- Cream colored Chow Chows have biscuit colored ears and a pinkish nose. Their gums are pink while their tongue is dark blue. Their coat colors may vary from almost white to slightly red.

  • Cinnamon– Cinnamon Chow Chow coats range from deep cinnamon to light fawn in color. It is a result of the dilution of the red coat color. The coat color of a puppy can range from silver to pale yellow with a grey muzzle while an adult coat ranges from deep cinnamon to pale yellow with grey shades.

Chow Chow colors are said to be the most varied among all dog types. Some of the colors listed above may have lighter shades near the tail, breeches, or mane. All dogs usually have a black nose, but the blue dog might have a slate or blue nose.

Some breeders try to sell Chow Chow puppies by labeling their coat colors as ‘exotic.’ Colors such as champagne, lilac, and silver are nothing but alternate names for the natural colors. While choosing a pet, note that there is no scientific difference between all the Chow Chow colors. Ensure you select a healthy dog and a temperament that would adjust well to living with you. 

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