The Grey Chow Chow is the lighter shade of the black Chow Chow. The fur makes it look navy bluish in color; that is why the Grey colored Chow Chow is also known as the Blue Chow Chow. There are darker and lighter shades of the Grey Chow Chow.

Let us understand this variant of the Chow Chow dog breed in a detailed manner.

Vital Stats



Temperament and Personality

Suitable for apartments



The Grey colored Chow Chow is a medium-sized dog and has a rich navy bluish coat. Here are some of the physical characteristics of this dog that makes it unique and adorable.

  • These dogs are fluffy and have a bluish-black tongue.
  • They have thick coats to safeguard them from extreme cold.
  • Unlike most other dogs, Chow Chows have straight hind legs.
  • It is strong in its build, and there is just a minimal distinction in height and weight between the male and female chow chow.
  • They have little sparkling eyes that can hypnotize anyone.
  • The best thing about a Chow Chow is that its fur creates a mane around its face that makes it look like a lion.

Temperament and Personality

  • These dogs are aloof and dignified. They are severe and stern initially but ease down with proper training and right guidance.
  • They are typically not playful but rather play the role of an independent and elegant companion who is fond of affection but avoids unnecessary drama.
  • Though they sometimes have a reputation for being aggressive, most of them are calm.
  • Although he is extremely cautious of his independence, he is affectionate and devoted to his family and loves them unconditionally.

 Fun Fact: In the olden times, only the rulers of Chinese kingdoms were allowed to have Chow Chows because of their nature and temperament.

Are they suitable for apartment living?

Grey Chow Chows can live in apartments so long as they are exercised and taken on walks every day.

Are they friendly?

Chow chows are generally aggressive towards other pets and strangers. They are protective towards the family and cautious of anyone or anything that seems harmful to their loved ones. If you want your dog to be friendly, you have to socialize it from its puppyhood.

Precautions to take

  • While they are not overly active dogs, they do need routine exercise to stay happy and healthy.
  • Chow chows may become annoying barkers if their continuous barking is not controlled at the right age.
  • Keep them away from water. The dogs cannot swim because their coat is so heavy that it can result in drowning.

How much does a grey Chow Chow cost?

Grey Chow chow dogs are quite popular. They have a high demand in the US and the UK. Here are the average prices of this breed in these countries.

Average price in the US – $1,000 to $1,800

Average price in the UK – £ 2,500 to £4,000

⚠️ NOTE: The maintenance and grooming cost of this dog breed is much higher than its price. Please bear this in mind before making any purchase.

What do we think about the grey Chow Chow?

Get a Chow Chow only if you are ready to invest in the time and effort that takes in raising and living with it. The dog might be dangerous, but with a little love, care, and training, this dog will be the most loyal companion you’ll ever have.


If you are looking for a Chow Chow, a Grey Chow Chow is indeed a great choice. But there are other colors too. Chow Chows come in Grey, white, Cinnamon, Red, and Cream colors. All of them are equally stubborn and equally protective of their people.

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