Chow Chows are medium-sized dogs that grow quite fast in their first year. Their size and their bear-like appearance make them look cute and adorable. This dog breed is so interesting that people always remain curious about the traits of this breed. One of the main questions regarding the Chow Chow is: How big do chow chows get?

The answer is simple.

A grownup male Chow Chow grows as much as 20 inches (forty-eight cm) tall with a weight of 25-32kg.

– A grownup female Chow Chow is 18 inches (forty-six cm) in height with a recorded weight of 20-27 kg. 

That is how big Chow Chows get. However, these rely entirely upon the genetics and surroundings of the Chow Chow.


It should be noted that the Chow Chow becomes fully grown by the age of 16 months. If there are noticeable changes in the Chow Chow’s body after this age, it is probably a problem. Often worms or other diseases can weaken the Chow Chow and result in a smaller body. Chow Chows are very prone to obesity, which can result in the growth of their body size. 

However, obesity is harmful to the dog. If you don’t detect obesity, but you see an occasional weight change in the dog, it is probably bloating. Chow Chows get bloating more than the other dogs do, so don’t fret; with a little medication and help, it will go away.


Male Chow chows tend to be naturally heavier and taller than female Chow Chows. This tends to be the case in purebred Chow Chows, though. If your chow is a mixed breed, his/her weight and height will grow according to the parent breeds. Some of the mixed breeds include Chusky, Akita Chow, Chow shepherd, and Chabrador. Each of their size and personalities differ according to the breed. 

To prevent unnatural gaining or losing weight, Chow Chow’s diet should be well taken care of. Along with that, Chow Chows should also get enough exercise and be taken to the Vet for regular checkups. 

Chow chows have their own pace of growth as well. Some chow chows grow faster than other dogs of the same breed. If your chow Chow is growing too fast or a little slow, don’t worry, they will reach the ideal height and weight in a few months. They are just taking their time.


When you ask yourself, ‘how big do Chow Chows get’ you should also remember that their size isn’t only crucial for their appearance. Their height and weight should be monitored all the time. It is vital for the well being of the Chow Chow. 

Many factors might change the height and weight of Chow Chows. The gender, the breed, the health, all are factors. Though, one must take the dog to regular checkups so that the dog is safeguarded from potential health issues. 

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