Chow chows are generally very protective of their family. Due to their protective nature, it might seem like they are loud and aggressive. This makes people wonder if chow chows bark a lot.

The truth is that chow chows do not bark a lot. As a matter of fact, most of them remain quiet throughout the day. A lot of chow chow owners say that chow chows bark only in certain situations, especially when they feel threatened or see something unusual.

However, you have to keep in mind that your chow chow will need the right training in order to become a dog that doesn’t bark a lot. If you don’t train him well, he might become aggressive and bark excessively.

If you raise your dog well, they will grow to become a good companion for you and your family. You can also train them to be good with strangers. However, you should keep in mind that even with the best training, these dogs bark from time to time.

Why do chow chows bark?

Figuring out why your chow chow barks is one of the most important things to do. There can be multiple reasons for their barking. Unlike us, they have a strong sense of smell. It is difficult for us to understand why they bark.

Here are some of the most reasons for chow chow’s barking.

  1. They sense danger

If a chow chow happens to sense any kind of danger, be it a danger to the family or to themselves, they start barking. This is how they react to the situations. 

  1. They smell a person they don’t recognize

Another very interesting reason for chow chow’s barking is they smell a person they do not recognize. Dogs get alerted whenever they smell something new. If it is a person they are smelling, they become extra catious and start barking.

How to stop your chow chow from barking?

Chow chows can be excessive barkers or they can be calm and composed. Stopping your dog from barking completely is not a sensible thing to do. However, you can reduce the barking through professional training. The best way to stop your chow chow from excessive barking is to train them right in their puppyhood.

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