Chow chows are independent and aloof. They do not worry about being left alone. They can go about doing their own thing without a care in the world. They can be happy while being alone and spend time with themselves. 

They do not crave attention like other dog breeds. This is true for adult dogs. Puppies, however, need some attention from humans. If left alone for long, they can get sad. 

Adult chows are more interested in being alone than being with other pets and humans. While they do like human companionship, they can go about doing their own thing without any human company.

As puppies, they are vulnerable. Since you as their human owner have taken their responsibility, you have to make sure that they remain happy and joyful. If you don’t have the choice but to leave your dog while going out for work, you should get someone to take care of them. Leaving them alone for long hours is cruel. It can have a profound negative effect on their personality. 

Keeping them alone as a puppy is harmful to their physical and mental well-being. Your puppy is like a human baby. They need love, care and attention. The lack of these things can make it aggressive as an adult dog.

For how long can you leave them alone?

You can leave them alone for two to three hours. But, do not do so frequently. Spending too much time away from them can affect them negatively. The shorter the amount of time you spend away from your dog, the better it is for him.

If you are aware that your puppy will have to be kept alone at some point of time, you should prepare for it in advance. You have to make sure that your dog gets used to statying alone for some time every day. Doing this will help him deal with separation anxiety and make him comfortable being alone.

How to keep them entertained when they are alone?

Being alone can be boring for your chow chow pup. When they have nothing to do, they can become anxious and start worrying. Give your dog a bunch of things to keep them engrossed. This will keep them from getting bored or sad when left alone.

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