Everybody loves Chow Chows. These cute dogs have every reason to be loved. This breed originated in China long ago and is one of the most ancient kinds. It was a common breed in local China back in the days, in which it was used to guard, pull carts, and be used for food and fur.

Even today, despite their stubborn and aloof temperament, people love the Chow Chow. These fluffy bear-like dogs seem to win a lot of hearts. But there are many more fascinating things about them. The most intriguing is the Chow Chow tongue.


Other fascinating things about the Chow Chow include their coat colors. They come in so many colors! They come in blue, red, fawn, cinnamon, grey, black, white and more. Chow Chow’s thick coat creates a mane around its face that makes it look like a lion. Sometimes they even look like miniature bears. Their coat saves them from winters and harsh climatic conditions and makes them look huggable.

The Chow Chow Tongue

The tongue of Chow Chow is bluish-black in color. Almost all dogs known to man have pink or reddish tongues. But that is not the case with the Chow Chow.  Shar-pei, which is another Chinese dog, also has a dark bluish-black tongue. A lot of animals, like the Giraffe and Polar bear, also have black tongues.

The Chow chow tongue is blue/black because of pigmented cells underneath its tongue. It’s also interesting that Chow’s tongue is not black, blue, or dark when he or she is born. Chow Chow puppies have pink or reddish tongues like any other dog. 

As and when they grow, the tongue starts to develop the color. First, there will be blue spots that will turn into dark patches, and finally, the tongue will turn completely dark/blue or black. The changes take place over a few weeks. When the puppy is about 8-10 weeks old, the tongue turns completely black or darkish blue

A few tongues don’t cover totally, and they may have little spots or sprinkles of pink. Old Chows and Chows with the faded coat shades of cinnamon and blue may lose tongue color as they age and create pink spots.

Many other purebred dogs also have blue spots or patches on their tongues, but that doesn’t mean they are a chow mix. They simply have spots or freckles on their tongue, which is completely normal.


Appearing to be a very huggable, colorful, and mesmerizing dog, one might mistake it to be friendly. Chow Chows are not very friendly. Chow’s are generally stubborn and, for the most part, detached. They probably won’t hear you out or react to you. It relies upon their state of mind. Chow Chows sometimes get aggressive and bite as well. 
These blue-tongued fluff balls are tough to tame, comprehend, and live with. But if you manage to be their friend, they will always protect you and be there for you.

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