Chow chows can be classified into five types based on the color of their coats. They come in five major colors in various shades.

The lion-type chow chow is a term referred to chows chows that are red in color. While all chow chows have manes, the red ones look more like a lion. This is so because the mane a lion has a similar color to that of the ones in the red chow chow dog.

You must have come to this place looking for information on chow chows that look like a lion. You might want to know more about these dogs. In this post, I’m going to explain everything you need to know so that you can understand what exactly is the lion-like chow chow.

To start with, let us understand if there is truly a lion-type chow chow or not.

Is there truly a lion-type chow chow?

There is no “lion type” chow chow. Chows can be classified only as the ones with rough coats and the ones with smooth coats. They can also be classified as “open faced” and “closed faced”. 

They have a long history of working as hunting, herding and guard dogs. This has made them healthier and fitter. This may be another reason for their resemblance to lions. 

Is the lion-like chow chow aggressive?

A lot of people think that the chow chow is aggressive. While this is not completely false, there are exceptions to this. A chow chow can be trained to become friendly. If you know how to handle your chow chow the right way, it can get used to being around strangers and visitors.

The lion-like chow chow is no exception to the above. It is just different in its outlook. The nature of all breeds of this dog is the same. Many people think that the lion-like chow chow is more aggressive than its counterparts. This is just a myth that should not be believed. They are not as aggressive as they are thought to be.


Now that we know about the aggresion level of this dog, let us take a look at the appearance of this breed. 

The lion-type chow chow looks somewhat like a teddy bear and has the stubbornness of a cat. 

Their distinctive appearance is marked by their deep-set almond-shaped eyes and a mane of fur, that makes its face look like a lion’s face. The scowling expression makes their lion-like appearance more convincing.

The common characteristic in all chow chow dogs is the mane around the head and neck.

Are they suitable for new owners?

Chow chow dogs are quite adorable. Due to their lovely appearance, they have become a desired pet dog for many. However, you have to keep in mind that these dogs are not suitable for new dog owners. There are a lot of things that should be taken care of when bringing home a chow chow dog. You should take the step of bringing home this dog only when you feel confident about taking care of it.

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