Black Chow Chow dogs are common. There are many black dog breeds in the world, but there are few which are loved and adored like the Chow Chow. 

📌 Did you know that these dogs can be born from parents having different colors? The only thing that they both must have is the black color gene.

In this article, we are going to describe in detail all you need to know about this breed. After going through this article, you will be clear on what these dogs are and whether you should get one of these or not. 

Vital Stats

black chow chow stats



Black Coat

Apartment living


Grooming needs

1. Appearance

They have a solid black color on the whole body. Even the mouth is solid black in color, including edges of the lips, tissues of the mouth, and gums. The tongue of a Chow Chow is quite unique – the top surface and edges are solid blue-black. If the tongue is darker, it is said to be a better quality Chow Chow breed.

2. Coat color

There are Chow Chows which have solid black color with grey shading in the breeches and on the tail. This is a color that is officially allowed by the Chow Chow FCI Standard. 

3. Are they suitable for apartment living?

Black Chow Chows are wonderful pets to have in apartment houses. There are many dog breeds that are suitable for living in apartments. Black chows make a great choice due to their calm demeanor and protective nature.

4. Are they friendly?

Black Chow Chows are not friendly in nature. This breed is not very fond of companionship unless they are trained to be around humans. If they spend enough time with humans, they become extra protective and caring.

5. How much grooming does it need?

Chow Chow should be brushed three times a week to keep the coat in good condition. Without brushing, there is a chance of hair-fall. There are specific brushes for various parts of the body — stainless steel Greyhound comb with medium-coarse teeth, a medium-size slicker brush, and a medium pin brush. 

They are heavy seasonal shedders, and the coat requires extra attention at that time. A monthly bath is compulsory for them to remain clean.

Daily teeth brush has to be done to remove the tartar build-up and bacterial infections.

How much does a black Chow Chow cost?

Black Chow Chows can be exquisite pets. Their charming looks make them appealing compared to other dog breeds. 

Here are the prices of the breed in the US and the UK respectively.

Average price in the US – $1,000 to $1,800

Average price in the UK – £ 2,500 to £4,000

⚠️ NOTE: Before buying a black Chow Chow, you have to make sure that you can afford their health and grooming costs.

What do we think about the black Chow Chow?

Black Chow Chow dogs are popular due to their good looks. While this is a really nice dog to have, you can consider other variations such as the white Chow Chow and grey Chow Chow. All of these are fascinating in their own way.

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