The Blue colored Chow Chow is seen as noble and a symbol of royalty due to its majestic color. Not only that, but the Blue colored Chow chow is truly an inspiration. The Chow chow loves to work and always protects its owners from all kinds of dangers. These dogs make fantastic companions despite being ferocious hunters. In the olden times, only royal families were allowed to have Chow Chows because of their nature and temperament.


The Blue Chow Chow is a walking history. It was bred ages back in ancient times. The earliest evidence itself about Blue colored Chow Chow’s dates more than 3000 years back. There is evidence of Chow Chows through art. There are mud models of Chow Chow dogs created during the Han dynasty (206 BC to 220 AD). These models are now on display at a Berlin museum.

Long back in London, the Blue Chow Chow was considered an ‘Exotic species’ and for all the right reasons.


This breed is a medium-sized dog and has a rich navy bluish coat. These dogs are fluffy and have a bluish-black tongue. They have thick layers to safeguard them from the troubles that cold brings. Unlike most other dogs, Chow Chow has straight hind legs. It is strong in its build, and there is just a minimal distinction in height and weight between the male and female chow chows. They have little sparkling eyes that can hypnotize anyone. 

The best thing about a Chow Chow is that the Chow Chow’s fur creates a mane around its face that makes it look like a lion. Some people even compare the Chow Chows to Bears. Some people dye their chow chows fur to make them look like Panda! They are majestic in every way. They can do almost everything but swim. The dogs cannot swim because their coat is so heavy that it can result in drowning.


  • Chow Chow’s sweet-looking and huggable appearance are deceptive as they are not what they look like. The dog’s nature is the complete opposite of its demeanor. 
  • This breed is serene and adaptable who has no special exercise needs and hence is happy to adapt to city life.
  • These dogs are independent, dignified, and stubborn. They like to make their own decisions and live life on their own accord. 
  • These dogs are immensely loyal to the people they live with and would do anything they can to secure them. 
  • They do not mingle well with other dogs of the same sex. They will try to stay in peace with another dog if the other dog is the opposite sex. 
  • The Chow Chows don’t show much emotion and don’t care for being embraced and has a detached personality who believes himself to be sufficient. 

In light of these characters, this dog breed has a more cat-like demeanor. It is not easy to train and live with a Chow Chow and training from a very early age is essential. 

Only accustomed dog owners can live with a Chow Chow. But once you learn how to live with a Chow, you will realize that they make the best companion as they are deeply attached to one person. 


If you are looking for a Chow Chow, Blue Chow Chow is indeed a great choice, but there are other colors too. Chow Chows come in Grey, White, Cinnamon, Red, and Cream colors. All of them are stubborn and equally protective of their people.

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