Chow Chow’s price varies with its variations and specifications. There are three variations, yet the average basic price ranges from $400 to $700.

Since the Chow Chow dogs are not really common, the rate of Chow Chow is on the higher side. Being such a rare breed, the prices can be too high for first-time buyers.

Chow Chow Price by their variations:

Though the inner attributes and the temperamental characteristics of the Chow Chow breed remain the same in all varieties, their prices vary with the variety as the quality and the standard increases with each variation.

Here is the list of Chow Chow price by their variations:

  • Basic Chow Chow =  $400 to $700
  • KCI Registered Chow Chow = $730 to $950
  • Show Quality Chow Chow = $1000 to $1600

Chow Chow’s litter size is 4 to 6 puppies. Once bought the excellent quality, Chow Chow, one can get more money from it too after proper care and good breeding.

Factors that decide the cost of Chow Chow

The price depends upon many other factors as well. Such as the color of the dog, quality of the dog, age of the Chow Chow. The main factors that indicate the difference in price are as follows:

  • Basic
  • KCI Registered
  • Show Quality

The certification and validation from various kennel clubs decide the genuineness of the Chow Chow and the quality of the breed. The quality increases as the Chow Chow goes from Basic to Show Variations. And hence the price of Chow Chow increases accordingly.

Cost of petting Chow Chow:

Buying Chow Chow is not the only cost that affects the owners. Taking care of Chow Chow is also costly. The main cost for having the Chow Chow breed is as follows:

Food cost

Chow chow dogs need a large amount and good quality food, which costs daily to the owner. The average cost per month for feeding a chow chow dog ranges between 25 to 40 dollars. 

Health cost

Chow Chow needs to take good care of their health. It is a friendly dog but with aggression in behavior. So keeping them in apartments continuously may affect their health; hence they need regular health checkups. The average cost per month on health care for a chow chow dog ranges between 15 to 25 dollars. 

Grooming cost

Chow Chow is a beautiful dog breed. Their beauty needs to be maintained. Hence there is also a grooming cost for Chow Chow. The average cost per month on grooming for a chow chow dog ranges between 10 to 15 dollars. 

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