Chow Chow is a breed of dog which originally belongs from China. In China, it is known as ‘Songshi-Quan.’ In the Chinese language, Sonshi-Quan means the ‘puffy-lion dog.’

One of the major attractions about Chow-Chow dogs is their look and Chow-Chow weight. Chow Chow weighs around 35lb to 90lb combined in males and females. The weight of Male Chow Chow is measured to be between 40 and 90lbs (18-41kg), whereas the female weight is measured averagely between 35 to 85lbs (16-39kg).

Let us see some more interesting facts and information about Chow Chow dogs.

The appearance of Chow Chow

Chow Chow dogs appear to be having averagely 17 to 22 inches of height. They have a robust build and broad skull. Here is the picture of Chow Chow for the reference.

Chow Chow dogs have small and triangular-shaped ears. These ears are rounded at the tips. The body of Chow Chow is mostly covered with thick fur. The fur gets thicker, particularly in the neck area.

Chow Chow Weight

Chow Chow is an amiable dog breed. Chow Chow weight measures to be quite standard in range for both males and females.

Female Weight: It has been noted that the weight of female Chow Chow ranges from 16 kg to 39 kg.  

Male Weight: It is measured averagely to be between 18 kg to 41 kg.

The weight of the Chow Chow male grows comparatively higher than the female Chow Chow. It has been observed that from the 3rd month of their birth to 9th month, they increase in weight at a high rate and often rapidly. In this life span, they grow from around 10 kg to 27 kg.

Once after the 9th month of their life span, the weight of Chow Chow comes to a stable position and raises with a constant amount of kg. 

Similar breeds

Chow Chow has some of the dog breeds which look and weigh almost the same as Chow Chow. The weight and look of the Chow Chow dogs are similar to these dogs. Samoyed, Tibetan Mastiff, Eurasier, Caucasian Shepherd, Bouvier Des Flandres, Keeshond, and Newfoundland are the breeds that look somewhat like Chow Chow. We can see the similarities in the weight of Chow Chow and these breeds too.


Being a pet and friendly dog breed, Chow Cow can be housed and stayed in apartments. But it is also necessary to keep in mind that Chow Chow needs daily exercise while held in the house.

Chow Chow holds a high risk for the disease called ‘autoimmune disease.’ Apart from autoimmune disease, Chow Chow can suffer from many diseases of dog breeds. Hence, excellent care and proper exercise with particular dog foods at a suitable temperature for the breed are advised.


Chow Chow is quite a beautiful and robust breed of dog, but it also needs to be taken good care of. Since the Chow Chow weight ranges between 16 to 41kg in male and female combined, they are quite healthy dogs to appear, but simultaneously their exercise is necessary to maintain their health and body weight.

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