Chow Chows have been winning hearts for a long time. The Chow is loved for various reasons, including the layer of a teddy bear, the frown of a lion, and an unmistakable unnatural step.

He is a Chinese variety, hailing from that nation’s cold northern locale, and was created as a generally useful canine equipped for chasing, pulling vehicles and guarding houses.

These dogs come in all colors. Chows come in white, black, red, blue, grey, and more. But one of the most beautiful Chow Chow is the Brown Chow Chow. 

Basic Description

The Brown Chow Chow has a brown coat, and hence they are also called CinnamonChow Chows. This breed is kind of uncommon. The lighting and the camera often change their coat color, and thus they look different in photos than in real life.

Their coat may look red, but there are differences between a red Chow Chow and a brown one if you look closely. The brown or cinnamon shade differs from light beige to a darker shade, but it is not quite red.

The shade of the coat is somewhat blue in a brown-colored Chow Chow puppy however changes it to brown when it turns into a grown-up. 

The shade of the nose is dark black. 

The coat of a Chow Chow dog comes in either smooth or rough textures. Despite the surface of the coat, all Chows have double coats, which shields them from the cold. 

The Appearance of the Dog

The medium-sized brown Chow is a fantastic dog with a solid, sturdy body and a tail that bends over the back. He has an enormous head, highlighted by a ruff, which makes him look like a bear or lion. 

They have tiny almond eyes and little triangular ears. They are majestic and have dark mouths and gums. They stand out with their blue or black tongue. The dog is truly one of a kind.

The Temperament of the dog

Chow Chows give off an image of an innocent, charming and cute dog, but as they say, “looks are often deceptive,” and so is the case with this breed. Their nature is the opposite of their demeanor. The Chow Chows don’t show much emotion. 

  • These dogs seem less to be dogs and more like cats because of their cat-like demeanor. They are fiercely independent and stubborn, who live on their own accord. 
  • They like to make their own decisions and stand up to them. 
  • These dogs possess a detached personality but are immensely loyal to the people they live with and incredibly protective of them. 
  • Chow Chows are not easily trainable due to their attitude; therefore, they need to be trained from an early age. 
  • It is difficult to live with them, but once you two know each other, you can live happily.


If you are looking to get a Chow Chow and ready for the responsibility, Brown Chow Chow is indeed a great choice. You just need to establish the rule of mutual respect, maybe set some rules, and you two would be best of buddies in no time.

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