Puppy biting is perfectly normal behavior for your chow chow puppy. But this normal behavior is not pleasant for us humans. So, you should teach your puppies not to bite you. Here is a detailed article explaining the steps that should be followed to train your chow chow puppy not to bite.

If you want to teach your puppy to stop biting, you can try the following methods:

1. Yelp

As new parents to your puppy, you have to take up the responsibility of teaching your puppy to bite softly. You can do this by yelping or making painful sounds when it bites a little harder on you. You need to do this continually to make this method work. Over time, your puppy will understand that biting is not acceptable behavior and they will stop doing it or learn how to bite without hurting. If you are not consistent with this approach, it will confuse the puppy more.

2. Walk away

Every time your puppy tries to bite you, say NO loudly and walk away. Do this consistently till he learns the lesson. Also, make sure to tell other members of the family to do the same. Within a few days, you will notice changes in his behavior. 

3. Redirect

When you are done with the method of reducing the bite pressure from your dog, you can move to the next method in the process which is to redirect their attention. If you have toys for your puppy, you can redirect their attention towards the toys every time they tend to bite you. You can use treats in your toys to make them more interested.

When your puppy has grown a little but hasn’t given up biting, it could be a matter of concern. There could be several reasons for a puppy to bite at an adult stage. 

Here are some of the most common reasons for an adult dog biting:

  • They are sick and need your attention.
  • They are upset or anxious.
  • They are trying to become the alpha leader of the family.

In case you find it difficult to control the behavior of your chow chow puppy, get help from professional dog trainers. They have enough skills and experience to deal with such situations and bring the dog under control.

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