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Mini Chow chow is an adorable and loyal dog breed originating from China.

It is not a separate dog breed and is just the same as the regular Chow Chow dogs for the smaller size, hence the name.

📌The standard Chow Chow breed is mixed with smaller breeds first. Then there is the addition of the genes of dwarfism, through which Mini Chow Chow dogs are created. 

In this article, we have explained all that you should know about this cute little dog breed. 

To start with, take a look at the vital stats of Mini chow chow.

Vital Stats

chow chow dog breed info

Now, let us understand the characteristics of this adorable breed in detail and find out if this is the right one for you.



Pet Friendliness

Family Friendliness

Temperament towards training



1. Behavior

Chow Chow is most commonly kept as pets. They are not too fond of strangers. This behavior makes them more protective of their owners and friends.

Another interesting characteristic of this breed is that they can be too aggressive or too timid. For that reason, some writers and owners have stated that they have a cat-like personality.

2. Pet Friendliness

Chow Chow is as friendly as a Bulldog or German shepherd. The friendliness of a dog towards other dogs depends on how well they are brought up in their puppyhood. However, there are certain dogs that are friendlier than others. Mini chow chow is not one of the friendliest.

You can see for yourself in the following video how chow chow dogs react when they are around a dog of another breed.



3. Family Friendliness

It is observed that Chow Chow is loyal and affectionate towards its family. They are particularly attached to certain members of the family if raised by the same person. However, you will find that they are affectionate towards the whole family as well.

As Chow Chow gets old with a specific family, their love towards particular family members increases compared to others. 

4. Temperament towards Training

Training Chow Chow when they are puppies is crucial. Chow Chow is a loyal and friendly breed, but they do not want to be trained. They resist training.

5. Discipline

Mini Chow Chow tends to show some disobedient behavior towards the person for whom they have not grown any affection. They do not like to be around the person who doesn't admire them.

To avoid this misbehavior and maintain discipline in Chow Chow’s nature, it is necessary to keep them socialized from their childhood. 

6. Aggression

Another reason to get Mini Chow Chow socialized at a very early age of their life is their aggression. Chow Chow shows aggression towards other breeds and the dogs of the same gender.

mini chow chow

It is crucial to train them in their childhood. This will help in reducing their aggression and make them more friendly.

How much does a Mini Chow Chow cost?

Mini Chow chow dogs are quite expensive considering the fact that they are in high demand. Here are the prices of the breed in the US and the UK respectively.

Average price in the US - $1,000 to $1,800

Average price in the UK - £ 2,500 to £4,000

⚠️ NOTE: The maintenance and grooming cost of this dog breed is much higher than its price. Please bear this in mind before making any purchase.

What do we think about Mini Chow Chow?

Mini chow chows are adorable. Their teddy bear look makes them one of the most delightful dog breeds to have. However, if you plan to get it for your apartment, you may want to look for other options as well.

They tend to be aggressive if not socialized early on. If you happen to get it from a reputed and trusted breeder, make sure to check the breed lineage.

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