Most commonly found and originated in China, Chow Chow is a dog breed. Chow Chow is an amiable and loyal breed. It is not a separate dog breed and is just the same as the regular Chow Chow dogs for the smaller size and hence the name.

The standard Chow Chow breed is mixed with smaller breeds first. Then there is the addition of the genes of dwarfism, and then Mini Chow Chow dogs can be created. The smaller size than the standard size of Chow Chow dogs is the only difference from the regular-sized dogs of Chow Chow breed.

Size and Weight

Mini Chow Chow is normally measured to be 17 to 20 inches tall. This small size in height is generated by entering genes of dwarfism.The natural weight of these breed dogs is 45 to 70 pounds i.e., 18 to 31 kg.


Chow Chow is most commonly kept as pets. They develop the behavior of displaying discernment of strangers. This behavior makes them more protective of their owners and friends. Chow Chow has recorded the personality of in all-too aggressive or too timid. For that reason, some writers and owners have attributed them to a cat-like personality.

Friendly pets

Chow Chow are not so active or excessively energetic. They can be kept in apartments with people. Chow Chow is as friendly compared to Bulldogs, and German shepherds.

Being not excessively energetic, Chow Chow needs regular care and exercise. Their health needs to be taken care of.

Temperament towards Training

Training Chow Chow when they are puppies is crucial. They get respect and love for a particular individual while aging. Chow Chow is a loyal and friendly breed, but they do not want to be trained. They resist training.

Behavior towards family members

It is observed that Chow Chow being friendly increases their loyalty and affection towards particular people of the family. As Chow Chow gets old with a specific family, their love towards particular family members increases compared to others. They get more protective of their best friend from the family.


Mini Chow Chow tends to show some disobedient behavior towards the person for which they have not grown any affection. Even if the person belongs to the same family, they have grown in. Chow Chow shows rejections to be authorized by the person for whom they did not get any admiration.

To avoid this misbehavior and maintain discipline in Chow Chow’s nature, it is necessary to keep them socialized from their childhood. Have a friendly nature with every family member from their puppy age to avoid over-protectiveness with a particular family member.


Another reason to get Mini Chow Chow socialized at a very early age of their life is their aggression. Chow Chow shows aggression towards other breeds and the dogs of the same gender.

This is the reason to make them socialized at an early age of their life span. It is crucial to train them in their childhood. They show resistance to get easily socialized with strangers, and it takes time to get friendly with strangers.

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