Chusky, Chowski or Chow Husky is a wonderful cross breed dog, originating from cross breeding Chow Chow and Husky. The price of a chusky puppy depends on many factors. We have discussed them in detail in this article. Make sure to read it till the end.

The average price of a chusky in the US is anywhere between $200 to $800. 

Price of chusky puppies

When you want to buy a chusky puppy, you have to make sure that you are getting it from a good breeder. If you find one from such a breeder, the average cost that you can expect will be anywhere between $500 and $900. It can be higher too depending on the region and the breed quality and several other factors.

Price of grown up chuskies

The price of grown up chuskies is a little bit on the lower side. You can get chuskies for prices ranging from $400 to $900. There are various factors that are considered before setting the price of these dogs. You can read about it in the following paragraph.

Factors that determine the price of chuskies

When it comes to the pricing of chuskies, there are certain factors that need to be noted. Here are some of the features that you should look into – 

  • Husky facial markings
  • Bright blue colored eyes

If the chusky has these features, it is likely to be priced higher.

What are the other costs associated with buying a dog?

There are various costs associated with buying a dog. Some of these costs include getting a crate, a collar, a leash, micro chipping, getting blood tests done and others. The costs of these products can be as low as $500 and can go up to $700. 

Other major expenses include annual costs on things like – 

  • Vaccinations
  • Training
  • Health checkups
  • Food
  • Toys

The estimated cost for these things is around $800 to $1500.

Considering the overall cost of chuskies, it can be said that this breed is not very highly-priced compared to other designer dogs.

The reason for this could be the fact that chuskies are not so popular as other dogs. However, the popularity of this breed is on the rise. It is expected that the price of these dogs will get higher in the next few years.

Is it safe to buy this breed online?

There are breeders who list chuskies online. Before buying them, make sure to check the authenticity of the breed. Only after you become sure of the breed, take the next step of buying the dog for your home or for yourself. 

Please bear in mind that there are many scam breeders who breed dogs in horrible conditions. It is advisable to watch out for breeders who are not popular or those who ask you to pay through gift cards or wire transfers. There are bad breeders who can sell you huskies that are not in good condition just to make quick money.

Staying away from such scammers and doing detailed research on the breeder will help you get a chusky breed.

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