Chow chows are generally aloof. Hence, they are considered by some to be mean. 

They are not usually social or outgoing. They can be aggressive with other dogs and extra protective of their family. However, they shouldn’t be considered as completely distant and mean.

There are certain aspects of their personality that make them unique and interesting. Among these character traits, certain characters make them hard to accept for some dog lovers.

One thing that you have to keep in mind as a dog owner is that chow chows need early socialization with other dogs and people. They tend to be rude and annoying if their alarm braking is not controlled at the right time.

Chow chows can be unpredictable. You won’t know what they will be like. However, there are certain traits that make them appear to be mean to humans.


Chow chow traits that make them appear to be rude


Chow chows enjoy their freedom more than anything. They like to be left alone and do not crave any attention from their humans. This could be a problem if you are someone who seeks attention from your pet dog. They appear to be more dominant. This can be addressed by training them right from their puppyhood.


They are not the type of dog that likes to cuddle. They do not want much affection from humans. They do get close to people but only for a short period. They like to spend more time with themselves than with anyone else.


One of the most interesting things about chow chow is that they are loyal. However, their loyalty and attachment are generally towards one particular member of the family. They have one primary human in their life. Others are secondary for them. This makes them appear to be mean.


They like to be quiet. They do make noise and bark aloud when required. But, generally they are are a quiet breed. This gives people the false impression that they are rude.


Chow chows are like cats. Chow owners will agree with us on this. They do not like to cuddle all the time. If you’re looking for a dog to sit on your lap and cuddle, consider getting a different breed. It is not in the basic nature of this breed. You can do nothing about this and getting hurt for this is not a wise thing to do.

Do chow chows not show love for their owners?

Chow chows are very particular about who they get close to. Their affection and attention are reserved for one special person. They do remain aware of the other family members, but they don’t shower much affection to everyone. They remain indifferent to guests and visitors.

Do all chow chow dogs have the same nature?

No, all chow chows do not possess the same nature. Some are shy and aloof. Others are outgoing and friendly. It all boils down to the way they are treated as pups. If you treat them right and train them the right way, they will be the perfect companions for you. If not trained well, they may be difficult to keep as pets.

Can chow chows be loving and respectful?

Chows are impatient dogs. They don’t like to be teased or treated badly. They can retaliate aggressively. They can be equally loving and respectful if treated with love and respect.

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