Naming your  Chow Chow after their Appearance: 

Tips and Ideas

Consider the color of your Chow Chow's coat


Names like Ginger, Cinnamon, and Onyx can be inspired by the color of your Chow Chow's fur.

Think about the texture of your Chow Chow's coat


Names like Sable, Willow, and Luna could be fitting if your Chow Chow has a soft, plush coat.

Look at the shape of your Chow Chow's face


Names like Tiki, Finn, and Marley could be good options if your Chow Chow has a unique or distinctive facial structure.

Take inspiration from the breed's history


Chow Chows are a breed with a long and rich history, and names like Jade, Ruby, and Diamond could be fitting choices.

Consider your Chow Chow's size


Names like Tiny, Mini, and Peanut could be good options for smaller Chow Chows, while names like Bear, Zeus, and King could be fitting for larger Chow Chows.

Think about the overall appearance of your Chow Chow


Names like Roxy, Bella, and Coco could be fitting for a Chow Chow with a more elegant or graceful appearance.

Use your creativity


Don't be afraid to think outside the box and come up with a unique name that reflects your Chow Chow's appearance in a special way.

Unique &  Unusual Names for your Chow Chow