Chow Chow Biting? 7 Surprising Errors You Might be Making!

Don't Punish Aggressively: 

Avoid using physical punishment or yelling at your Chow Chow when they bite.

Don't Encourage Play Biting:

While it may seem cute when a puppy playfully nips at your fingers, it's important not to encourage this behavior, as it can develop into a biting habit as they grow older.

Don't Isolate Them:

 Isolation as punishment can lead to anxiety and fear, which may worsen the aggression issue.

Avoid Rough Play:

Refrain from engaging in rough or aggressive play with your Chow Chow, as this can reinforce biting behavior as part of their playtime.

Don't Tug on Toys:

Avoid tug-of-war games with your dog as it can encourage biting.

Don't Startle Them:

Sneaking up on or startling your Chow Chow can trigger defensive aggression.

Don't Neglect Socialization:

Inadequate socialization during the critical puppy development stage can lead to fear-based aggression.

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