7 Recall Tips for Your Chow Chow

Start with a Strong Foundation

Before you begin training your chow chow to come when called, it’s crucial to establish a strong bond with your pet.

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Choose a Distinct Command Word

Select a specific word or phrase for the recall command, such as “come” or “here.”

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Controlled Environment

Start training your chow chow to come when called in a controlled

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Use Positive Reinforcement

When training your chow chow to come when called, always use positive reinforcement techniques.

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Gradually Increase Distance and Distractions

As your chow chow becomes more reliable in responding to the recall command in a controlled environment, begin to increase the distance between you and your dog during training sessions.

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Make Yourself Interesting and Rewarding

To encourage your chow chow to come when called, make yourself more appealing and rewarding to your dog.

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Never Punish Your Chow Chow

It’s essential to avoid punishing your chow chow if they do not immediately respond to the recall command or if they come to you slowly.

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