10 Signs Your Chow Chow is Happy and Healthy

They have a shiny, healthy coat

A well-nourished Chow Chow will have a shiny, fluffy coat that is free of tangles and mats.


They are energetic and playful

A happy and healthy Chow Chow will have plenty of energy and will be eager to play and explore their surroundings.


They have a healthy appetite

A Chow Chow that is happy and healthy will have a good appetite and will eat their meals with enthusiasm.


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They have regular bowel movements

A Chow Chow that is eating a well-balanced diet will have regular, healthy bowel movements.


They are alert and responsive

A happy and healthy Chow Chow will be alert and responsive to their surroundings and to their owner's commands.


They have bright, clear eyes

A Chow Chow with bright, clear eyes is generally healthy and well.


They have clean ears

A Chow Chow with clean, healthy ears is free of infection and irritation.



They have a healthy weight

A Chow Chow that is at a healthy weight will have a visible waistline and a smooth, firm abdomen.


They have clean teeth and gums

A Chow Chow with clean teeth and healthy gums is free of dental issues and is getting proper nutrition.


They are affectionate

A happy and healthy Chow Chow will be affectionate towards their owner and will enjoy cuddling and being close.

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