10 Best Large Dog Breeds in the World

Great Dane


Known for being the tallest dog breed.

Saint Bernard


Large and powerful breed with a gentle, friendly temperament



Large and strong, known for being great swimmers and loyal companions

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Irish Wolfhound


One of the tallest breeds, known for its speed and hunting abilities

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A large, powerful breed with a lion-like appearance and a gentle nature



Large and powerful breed known for its loyalty and protectiveness

Bernese Mountain Dog


Large, sturdy breed known for its calm and friendly temperament

Alaskan Malamute


Large and strong breed known for its endurance and ability to pull heavy loads

Great Pyrenees


Large and powerful breed known for its courage and protectiveness

Chow Chow


A Large breed with a lion-like appearance, known for its thick, fluffy coat and independent nature.

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